Friday, August 2, 2013

Don't Forget to Pack your First Aid Kit

You have to own and have a first aid kit in your home or even in your car to be always ready. The first aid kit must be complete and is located in an accessible area for ease of access. Inside the first aid kit, you must find all the gears and food that you might need in an emergency. When your family member, friends and even you can use the first aid kit if somebody got sliced accidentally or hurt themselves. You can use it to treat someone before help arrives when somebody got into a car accident. In times of emergency, you will appreciate your efforts of gathering all the tools and foods beforehand for it will really serve its purpose.

You can buy sports, outdoor, office and low risk first aid kits in Australia or you can make one simple kit at your home. There are many first aid kits offered  for sale online. You can even purchase a kit at your local drug store. You can make your own personal kit if you are that resourceful. Before selecting your first aid kit, wisely and carefully think about any situation that might cause injury. Considering the user of the kit must also be thought about. You must think about everything so that you will be able to complete your perfect kit. You must remember to update the first aid kit every now and then. Make sure that your first aid kit contains unexpired medicines. It would also be beneficial if emergency contact numbers' list is in your kit.

Accidents can happen everywhere, anywhere and to anybody. Because accidents happen to anybody, the best thing you can do is to alleviate the pain they are feeling and you will be able to accomplish this with the help of your first aid kit. You must always be prepared anytime, anywhere. Owning a first aid kit has many benefits. You can treat cuts and other injuries instantly. Well, anybody can treat cuts and injuries immediately. The only problem is if you have the tools to use for treating somebody's wound. It will be easier for you to respond to any kind of emergency if you have a first aid kit. Anything you need when an emergency strikes will be accessible in a single pack. Higher deaths in terms of number are attributed to the absence of first aid treatments immediately after an accident happened. The number of deaths could have been reduced if the victims were given first aid treatment. There might have been more survivors. Feeling more comfortable and helps in preventing infections are just few of the many other benefits of owning a first aid kit.

Do you really need a first aid kit? YES, you really do.

The Importance Of Having A First Aid Kit

When it comes to first aid kits, it is not all about small tube of ointments and several band aids, in fact, there is more to first aid kits than that. First aid kits are emergency packs that you can use in minimizing an obtained injury from a burn or it can used in stopping the gush of blood. If you know that you possess a first aid kit near you, you are going to have emotional security in view of the fact that you are confident that you have the capacity to handle emergency cases that may take place in your home, or while taking a trip, or it can be inside your place of work.

Was there a time when you cut yourself but you need to cover it with a rag first because you can't remember where you have put the band aids you bought before? We can say that this scenario can be easily avoided not just you but also of your entire family in the event that you have a first aid kit inside your abode and it is stored in a certain area that everyone knows and they can easily retrieve the kit. If your kids or anyone at the house, or your colleague at work had a burn or a cut and they are aware where they can retrieve the first aid kit, then, this can help a lot in preventing panic as well as hysterical searches in the cabinets.

These first aid kits are intended to provide immediate treatment to non-emergency conditions, and this will specifically implies that it will not require the services of a doctor or to give instant attention in a crisis situation. You can opt for the small first aid kit or for the large one since you will be the one who will determine the size of it depending on the number of individuals who might use it eventually.

If you have a big family or your office has many employees, therefore, you are going to require more items for your first aid kit. Then again, you need to ensure that you have obtained the crucial items or the basic ones that can aid you in handling minor injuries as well as vital items you can apply in moderating or hopefully preventing infection. You need to include these basic items like a soap, small scissors, eye wash, thermometer, dressings, band aids, antibiotics, along with various types of ointments. Find out more about a office first aid kit here.

If you would like to have a bigger first aid kit, you can also put additional items on it. You have the option of adding different over the counter medicines for example, aspirin, laxatives, as well as antacid tablets.

Why You Should Never Forget Your First Aid Kit

I'm sure that you have found yourself one way or another where you needed to provide basic first aid treatment but you don't have the supplies? We will examine the basic supplies that are needed in a basic first aid treatment. Wherever you may be, you need to know what are the needed basic elements in a first aid kit. Accidents occur without prior notice so you need to make sure that you are ready with the supplies because you never know when you would need it.

All of the first aid kits are generally the same for offices and homes. However, the size of the family will automatically determine the quantity of the supplies. A common item that families with children use are the band-aids; usually, children get into minor accidents that would likely lead to cuts, bruises or abrasions. You should also check the supplies of the kit monthly to know what materials you need more of, what are damaged or expired.

Some of the materials include:

You can basically find a pair of gloves, some bandages, roll of tapes, gauze, basic ointments and cold packs.

These should be accessibly available in emergencies and should be in a durable bag. You should have a first aid kit at home, in your car and at work.The first aid kit is not only used for accidents but there are still situations that you would need to make use of the materials in this bag.You can also add other materials in the bag. You can add supplies depending on where you will be going; for camping trips, then you would need some bug repellent sprays and creams for protections against insect bites. When you will be hiking or mountain climbing, then you would need bandage and cold and hot packs in cases of strained muscles.

You should also have this kit in your workplace. Yes, it may seem impossible to encounter an accident in your workplace especially if you have a desk job but you need to keep in mind that accidents can happen anywhere. Having paper cuts may not be that big a deal but when we consider human and mechanical failure combined, then deeper cuts may result which would then make use of first aid kit supplies. Get more information on workplace first aid kits here.

At least one member of the team or family should attend a first aid basic seminar so that you would be knowledgeable on how and when to use the supplies. It seems pointless to have to bring the kit and then nobody knows how to make use of the materials available. You never know how important a first aid treatment is until you experience it firsthand so you should be ready all the time with at least the basic knowledge.

Research is key if you really want to learn more about the basics of first aid and the essentials of the kit. Be prepared because we never know when accidents may arise.

Knowing More About the Basic First Aid Materials

You could have experienced a certain situation wherein a first aid must be provided to someone but the supplies that are available with you at the moment are limited or are not complete. If you are interested in knowing the basic things that must be included inside your first air kit, then you are definitely in the right place. After all, it is good to be prepared all of the time and you never now when will be the time that you will need to apply first aid to a friend, a loved one, or maybe to yourself.

The Items That Must Be Present in Your First Aid Kit

By saying basic first aid, we mean those items that must be put into your first aid kit since they are essential in applying first aid to everybody. However, if you have kids at home, that will lead you to the idea that you have to secure more number of bandages because kids are more likely to have cuts and scrapes while they are playing together or even alone. Band-aids are first aid items that can make your kids feel at ease and better even when they are having small cuts. Get more information on sports first aid kit by clicking here.

If you are already keeping a first aid kit at home or are planning to secure one, then it is good that you take the time to check up all the items that are in there regularly. Some of the items inside your first aid kit have expiration dates and the moment they are able to reach that expiration schedule, then they will no longer be usable. Of course, it would be hard if you will be realizing that some of the items in your first aid kit have already reached their respective expiration dates only by the time that you needed to apply the first aid.

What more is that there are items in your first aid kit that are not yet reaching the expiration date but have been damaged for some reason. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be checking your first aid items not only in terms of the expiration but also in terms of their condition and usability level. Applying first aid from time to time can cause some of the items to run out of stock, so make sure you do the check up for the purpose of replenishing those items that are running out.

If what you want to know at this time is the list of first aid items that must be inside your kit, then here they are: first aid card, tweezers, knuckle band aids, large adhesive band aids, antiseptic wipes, 2 gauze pads, roll of medical tape, latex gloves and triple antibiotic ointment.

The Significance of First Aid Kits

Accidents and emergent situations can occur anywhere and anytime. Do not let emergencies astonish you as they strike that is why you have to be prepared all the time.

Time is the most important aspect to consider by the time an emergency occurs. An occurrence of an accident will affect many people and you want to save as many lives as you can whenever you encounter an accident. Knowing how to use first aid kits is a necessity for each one of you because you will never know when and where accidents will happen.

First aid kits are called "first" because they are an initial treatment for minor cuts, burns and other injuries. A bag of supplies for immediate utilization during accidents are the equipment inside a first aid kit.

First aid classes are available in various health organizations such as hospitals and clinics to guide civilians on what to do during accidents. Most of these first aid programs offer a three day training and can last for a few hours which are not enough to know the different aspects of basic life support. The essence of proper first aid training is you can magnify every tiny detail that you need to know about first aid.

A proper training will guide you in proper application of pressure to deep wounds, wound debridement, covering a wound with gauze, applying cold compress to bruises and applying ointments to minor burns. Simple injuries should be treated before it compromises the survival rate of the victim because it can be aggravated if it is not tended as soon as possible.

First aid kits are the initial treatment for minor cuts and scrapes, simple burns and bites from insects or animals. Injuries that are not tended immediately might aggravate the symptom but with the use of first aid kits, you can now help in saving the lives of the victims. Open wounds can harbor bacteria and may lead to infection which should be prevented when you aid the victims. You can render care to many victims and save their lives if you have proper understanding on first aid.

As stated above, accidents can occur at any time and any place and much to your surprise, you might encounter accidents in a place where medical help is impossible to reach or it is far from any hospitals or clinics.

Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to use any supplies available in the first aid kit box if you did not undergo proper first aid training. It is normal for civilian to be helpful in times of crisis but leave it to the people with proper first aid training to help those victims who are extremely injured.